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I did a lot of hard thinking about how I wanted to present myself through this website. What I put here will effect the professional and collaborative opportunities in the future. I see my peers and those I look up to summarize themselves so eloquently, but I don't know how to do that - so here are a few Haikus about me. Enjoy.

Headshot by Michael Levy
Headshot by Michael Levy
Headshot by Michael Levy
Headshot by Michael Levy
About Me: About

I am a Latinx performer from Mineola, New York. There have been two constants in my life, and those are performing and activism. I feel this distinct need to not only perform stories that resonate with me, but to make sure our voices are equal to our white counterparts. I do not feel tied to one specific art form - acting, dancing, making music, painting, and now writing, are all means to share everything in my head. Much like every other actor I love to talk and that has led me to the development of a new podcast where I try and dissect my relationship to sex through other people. Bet you thought I was gonna write a haiku.

Dance Captains of HU's Legally Blonde
Promotional Image for "We Are Pussy Riot: Everything is PR"
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Still from The Garden
Promo for The Garden
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