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Suddenly much Larger more Podcasty-er Steps

Even before quarantine was put into place, I have been nursing this idea of a podcast. I know, 20 somethingyearold college kid thinks he can start a podcast, original. I had this crazy notion that I am funny and my stories, specifically the sex stories, were interesting. So I figured "Perfect, a podcast about sex!".

Did I know the first thing about creating a podcast? No. But I knew what I wanted to talk about and that felt like the biggest step. For the last 4 years I was a slutty gay college kid, so I know gay sex very well. But I can't say I know anything about vaginal sex or even other forms of non-penetrative sex. But for me sex goes beyond just the physical - it is in every piece of media I consume, it's how I communicate with most gay men, it is a coping mechanism, a source of trauma, and the reason most of us are hear on this planet. Thinking about all this resulted in the creation of a list of 58 sex related topics before I even came up with a name for the podcast.

Then naming process honestly took the longest, but even that only took like two days. I wanted something catchy and sex related and "Fck Me" was the obvious choice. Then I went about finding a graphic designer create art for me. All the podcasts I love have great podcast art so I knew I had to have something distinct and recognizable. I was lucky enough to find an artist to bring my gooey vision to life.

In my short 23 years I have discovered that I work my best, or at all, under pressure and so I scheduled my first guest and recording all in 12 hours. My guest, Arianna, was set to come over at 9:30 and at 2 pm I had no equipment or software to record. I ran to staples and lucked out and bought a microphone, ipad, and ring light - essentially draining my bank account in the process (my venmo is @winedaddio, please save me). I texted Arianna a list of question about Vaginal masturbation and tried to read up on vaginas as fast as I could. Fun fact: there aren't that many sources talking about vaginal masturbation in a positive or frank way.

Arianna gets to my house, we get drunk and a little [redacted], and record the episode. While I am shitfaced I upload the video I recorded to my social medias and pass out. It took me a few days to figure out how to upload the audio to various podcast websites. I highly recommend using as a source for creating podcast content, it's incredibly easy and useful.

All this to say, trust those seemingly wild ideas. Especially now that most creative business are in a forced stand still, it is our time to create the content we have always wanted to create. I had this "what if" idea and created something in a spur of the moment whirlwind. The world feels different, everything seems overwhelming, now more than ever is the time to create art as a form of release and entertainment.

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